Switching power supply

This switching power supply are accessories for Eastech Lighting LED strips. They provide a stable system voltage of 12V and 24V with a rated power of 60W, 100w, 150W, 250W and 350W. 

MODEL Volts Corriente nominal Potencia nominal Rango de voltaje Efficiency Dimensiones Technical specifications
ELACC-TR60 12V 5A 60W 170-240 VAC 81% 110x78x36 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR100 12V 8.33A 100W 170-240 VAC 81% 129x98x40.5 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR150 12V 12.5A 150W 170-240 VAC 81% 160x99x48.6 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR250 12V 20.83A 250W 170-240 VAC 80% 160x99x48.6 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR350 12V 29.16A 350W 170-240 VAC 80% 199x110x50 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR60V24 24V 2.5A 60W 170-240 VAC 84% 110x78x36 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR100V24 24V 4.16A 100W 170-240 VAC 84% 129x98x40.5 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR150V24 24V 6.25A 150W 170-240 VAC 84% 160x99x48.6 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR250V24 24V 10.41A 250W 170-240 VAC 81% 160x99x48.6 mm Descargar PDF

ELACC-TR350V24 24V 14.58A 350W 170-240 VAC 81% 199x110x50 mm Descargar PDF