In order to comply with Law 34/2002, of July 11th, which refers to Services of Information Societies and E-Commerce (from now on “LSSICE”); we inform that EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U., with European Union VAT number : A85252245 and located at CalleVereda de los Barros, 47 A, Polígono Industrial Ventorro del Cano, 28925 Alcorcón,(Madrid), is the account holder of the web page (from now on “the web page”)

1. General conditions included in this legal notice, regulate free access and use of the web page that EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U.offers Internet users. Its access implies their approval without reservations. The use of certain services offered by this site, will be ruled additionally under special conditions foreseen for each case, acceptance of these conditions will be implied by the mere use of each service.

2. The partial display, printing and downloading of the contents from the web page is authorized exclusively if the following conditions concur:

1. -That it is compatible with the purposes of the web page.
2. -That it is done with the sole intention of obtaining the information included for private and personal use.
Its use for commercial purposes or its distribution, publication, transformation or decompiling is strictly prohibited.
3. -That none of the contents related to the web page are modified in any way.
4. -That no graphic, icon or image available at the web site is used, copied, or distributed separately from the
rest of the images that go with them.

3. EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. reserves the right to modify and update the information included in the web page; and the configuration and presentation of the web page and its access conditions, at any point in time and without need of any previous notice.

4. EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. does not guarantee the non-existence of interruptions or errors of the access to the web page or its content, nor does it guarantee its update. EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. will carry out all the procedures leading to the correction of any error, restoration of communication and update of its contents, whenever there are no causes that make it impossible or too difficult to carry out, and as soon it comes to their knowledge.

5. Access to the web page, as well as any misuse or bad use of its contents, is exclusive responsibility of the internet user. In no event will EASTECH ELECTRIC, liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use of the web page. EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. will not be responsible for any breach in security that may occur or of any harm it may cause on the user’s Computer (hardware or software), or to any files, documents or any data stored in these, caused by:
-Virus or malicious program in the user’s computer.
-Malfunction of web browser
-Or the use of non-updated versions of the web browser.

6. In no event will EASTECH ELECTRIC, liable for any contents linked to the web page, nor guarantees the absence of viruses or malicious software or elements that could be harmful for the user’s Computer (hardware or software), or to any files, documents or any data stored in these.
In the event that any user, client or third party, considers contents or services offered by linked web pages to be illegal or harmful to them or any third party susceptible to receive compensation. These contents or services mainly consisting on:
- Activities or contents considered to be illegal according to Spanish criminal legislation.
- Activities or contents that violate Intellectual Property Rights or Industrial Property Rights.
- Activities or contents that may endanger public order, criminal investigations, public safety or national defence.
- Activities or contents that may endanger public health, lack of respect to people’s dignity, go against the principle of No
Discrimination or endanger children’s health or well being. The user will be able to notify EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.AU., nevertheless, the reception of such notice will not suppose the acknowledgement of it by EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. which will not be found liable of responsibility in accordance to the article Nº 17 of LSSICE.

7. The unauthorised usage of information published on the web page, it’s reselling, and felonies committed against Intellectual Property Rights or Industrial Property Rights, will be legally prosecuted by EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U.

8. All third party links to the web page must be directed to the main page, “Deep Links”, “Framing” or any other way of taking advantage of the web page’s information, is strictly prohibited.

9. EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. can use cookies when you browse through the web page, without your authorization being necessary. Cookies are small files of information that your computer collects each time you go in to any web page, so that when you go back, the access is faster. The information Cookies collect, allows us to know the date and time of each of your visits and the contents you look at on our web page. You have the possibility to configure you web browser to let you know each time you receive a cookie or to cancel the installation of cookies on your system.
EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U. and the user, irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in the area of EASTECH ELECTRIC, S.A.U.’s location, for the determination of disputes arising from the use of the web page.